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It all started with the idea of creating the world's best gourmet organic marshmallows. It is important for us to create a whole new experience about eating a marshmallow. The new flavor combinations should create a taste explosion in the mouth so that all senses are put to work. Eating a marshmallow from The Mallows should be a complete experience.
As I said, we are very much into the organic lifestyle, and all our products are organic.

Marshmallows - Only the best is good enough - The Mallows

Our marshmallows don´t contain any additives, dyes or preservatives - these are just pure delicious gourmet organic marshmallows where all ingredients are carefully selected to ensure a high quality.

How do you do? We started on google, went to the kitchen and tried our way. For hundreds of tests it boiled with tiny adjustments before the right consistency saw the light of day. It was important for us to create a new consistency in our product. Therefore, it requires the right temperature, technique, and a good and precise handling when our organic gourmet marshmallows are created. Everything is made by hand so we can guarantee the quality is top notch.

At The Mallows we live and breathe to provide enthusiasm and delight our customers.

Are you curious about the different flavors, then explore our marshmallow universe. Let yourself be inspired and tempted to find your personal favorite. Our boxes are also perfect to give as the best personalized gift.

Recipes for marshmallows & marshmallows

If you are thinking of throwing yourself out of desserts and dishes with marshmallows, try throwing yourself into our recipes. Here you can, among other things, make cookies or brownies with marshmallows yourself. The dishes take from 25 minutes to make themselves, and who can say no to homemade pampering.

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